Jenny's Trip to NYC in LOTS of Pics!

Andrew and I headed out to NYC for The Gracies Awards which I'll talk about later in this post and from the moment we landed, we took that city by storm! We grabbed burgers at Emily's in West Village, then had some drinks at a gay karaoke piano bar called Duplex and almost all the performers were great (not your typical karaoke).

On Saturday, we went to the Flatiron Building that's currently under construction but hung out at some tables and drank coffee while admiring the cityscape, and the Empire State Builidng!

After that we went to the Chelsea Market and got tacos from Los Tacos No. 1 which was highly recommended from multiple people that live/have been to NYC and they did not disappoint!

We then went to Little Island and walked along the High Line.

We walked up to Hudson Yards to see The Vessel.

And then hit up some rooftops, ending at Monarch that had a great view of the Empire State Building. See everything else we did on Day 1 here!

Sunday we went over to the West Village neighborhood. Got the famous banana pudding from Magnolia bakery and then hopped around the corner to see Carrie Bradshaw's apartment!

Then went over to Washington Square Park. We watched some musicians perform for a bit but didn't stay too long because it was toasty this day.

We took the subway everywhere! It's only $34 per person for a 7 day pass so we each got one and saved so much money by not taking cabs. After Washington Square Park we left Manhattan and went over to Williamsburg in Brooklyn. Domino Park has some great views of the city and was a chill park to hang out at.

After walking around in Williamsburg we went over to the Dumbo neighborhood and saw the Manhattan Bridge View, stumbled upon a photo journalist festival, had drinks at Water Street Tavern and then walked the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset. The view going from Brooklyn to Manhattan is the best!

We ended this very busy day at Emilio's Ballato. It's a tiny hole in the wall Italian spot that celebs go to and the walls are covered in pictures with them and the owner Emilio. I read an article that they love going there because they know they won't get bothered because Emilio doesn't care about alerting the press. It was the best Italian food we've ever had and if there was one restaurant that we tried on this trip and think that everyone should go to, it's this one! Emilio also sits outside the restaurant chilling and drinking wine so we asked if we could get a picture with him, lol. If you want to see other things we did on Day 2 check it out here!

Day 3 we started with bagels and hitting up Central Park.

We did go to The Met but I should have known better. I'm not a museum person and this one is overwhelming and super busy so we walked around for an hour and then hit up the rooftop which had fun views overlooking Central Park and the city.

I had multiple recommendations to check out a Ukranian restaurant called Veselka and this was another amazing meal we had!

Right around the corner from Veselka is McSorely's Old Ale House, the oldest Irish saloon in NYC. Abe Lincoln has been there! It was fun to check out but if you aren't a beer person, you might not like it because you have two options, lite or dark, lol. And a few more things we did Day 3 here!

And finally the reason we came to New York was for the Gracies Awards. If you've missed us talking about it on-air, The Gracies are to recognize women in media and I won for the Radio Producer category.

I have to thank all my awesome co-workers, family, and friends, who have all played some sort of role in me winning this award! And I'm just so honored to have been in a room full of so many other inspirational women in media! I'm almost ready to cry just writing this, lol.

And one more huge shout-out to Andrew, who supports me through all things in life and helped me stay positive after I had one of the worst wardrobe malfunctions moments before leaving the hotel to get to the awards luncheon. I'll fill you in on the story tomorrow morning!

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