15 Modern Day Phrases We'd Love to Get Rid of Forever

Every now and then, people talk about RETIRING words and phrases . . . and usually it's teenage internet slang that has run its course, and starts annoying EVERYONE, even the generation that started it.


But there are more established, modern day phrases that ALSO need to go. There's a thread online where people are suggesting the phrases that they'd love to get rid of forever . . . and here are some of the good ones:


1. "The customer is always right."


2. "Sorry, not sorry!"


3. "Money can't buy happiness."


4. "Everything happens for a reason."


5. "Welcome to the real world."


6. "Pull yourself up by your bootstraps."


7. The use of "mansplaining."


8. The misuse of "I could care less."


9. The overuse and misuse of "literally."


10. The overuse and misuse of "gaslighting."


11. "Thoughts and prayers."


12. "Just sayin'."


13. "It is what it is."


14. "Boys will be boys."


15. "Living the dream."




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