The Most Annoying Things About Sharing a Bed

Sleeping in separate beds may be making a comeback. It's something a lot of couples did back in the '50s and '60s. Now a new poll found half of couples today would be open to the idea if it helped them sleep better.

If any of THESE things are an issue, it might help: 2,000 people named the most annoying things about sharing a bed with someone. Here are the top five . . .

1. When they steal the covers.

2. When their tossing and turning wakes you up.

3. When they fall asleep with the TV on.

4. When they won't stop snoring.

5. When they've got lights on while you're trying to sleep.  (Really though this one would make the list: When you wake up and they're breathing straight into your mouth

Here are a few more random stats from the poll . . .

52% of us slept with a blankie or stuffed animal as a kid . . . and 77% of those people say they still do.  (Really? So, 40% of adults sleep with them?)

64% of people say they almost always shower before bed. And over half would be grossed out if their partner didn't.

When your partner is gone or on a trip, do you still stay on your side of the bed? 40% said yes. So most of us sprawl out. 



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