Jenny's Memorial Weekend in Five (plus a few extra) Pics

Friday my Dad, sisters, brother-in-law, and niece and nephew made the trek from Wisconsin to come visit for the weekend. We had a cook-out with them and Andrew's parents!

Saturday, I thought it'd be fun to show my family the Stone Arch Bridge so we headed that way and hit up the Mill City Farmer's Market.

We also went down to Jordan to Minnesota's Largest Candy Store. My dad is a huge taffy person. He had a stash of candy in a compartment of his couch growing up and it always had Laffy Taffy's in it. So he had some trouble trying to decide which flavor taffy to get.

My niece and nephew loved to hang out on our hammock when we were at my house.

We hit up Malcolm Yards for dinner which was a perfect spot for a large group since it's a food hall and everyone can decide what kind of cuisine they want. I love this picture because it looks like the T-rex is ready to grab whatever spaghetti my nephew drops, lol.

And Sunday we hit up the Como Zoo!

What a phenomenal Memorial Day weekend. The weather was perfect but I did sort of wish it would have rained today (Monday) because I was exhausted after my family left and wanted to lay inside and do nothing. But yet another beautiful day so I did get out for a run and that was about it for me today! Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend!

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