You Don't Have to Replace Your Underwear Every...

I'm really not sure if this is good news or bad news.


Every few months, a video will go viral on TikTok or another site where someone says you have to THROW AWAY your underwear every six months, or nine months, or year . . . because it's building up bacteria. Even if you wash it.


But according to several doctors . . . that's not true. You don't have to replace your underwear every six months or every year. You can keep wearing it FOREVER. At least until it disintegrates.


Dr. Christine Greves, an OB/GYN in Orlando, says, quote, "If you're washing your underwear in warmer or hot water, you are cleaning the bacteria off them . . . as long as your underwear is clean, [it] should be okay."


Then again, your significant other might disagree. A survey found one out of eight adults say they're DISGUSTED by the state of their significant other's underwear . . . and, quote, "worn out pairs" are the top complaint.



(Today / Daily Mirror)

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