A Company Is Offering $100 an Hour to Watch TikTok

Here's your kid's dream job. They're probably already doing it for free: A company called Ubiquitous does brand marketing on social media. And they're offering to pay three people $100 AN HOUR to watch TikTok. 


Before you get too excited, it's a one-off, not a full-time gig. But if you're one of the people they pick, you can make a nice chunk of change in a single day.


They're going to pay three people $1,000 each to go on a ten-hour TikTok binge. 


They say it's to help the company "discover emerging new trends." But it sounds more like a gimmick to get their name out there, which they've obviously done.


You can apply at UbiquitousInfluence.com. You have to fill out an application and describe why you're a good fit. You also have to subscribe to their YouTube channel for some reason. And they say you can up your chances if you tag them in a tweet about why you're perfect for the gig.


They're looking for someone who's over 18 . . . already familiar with TikTok . . . and has an eye for trends. The deadline to apply is May 31st. 




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