Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 5/19 - 5/21

Friday I invited my friend Jaci to get a mani/pedi as part of a scheme to make sure her nails were done because her bf was planning on proposing. She was a bit suspicious but I threw her off and she really did believe we were just getting our nails done!

Saturday, Bill got dropped off to stay the weekend. Bill is one of my favorite pups we watch! She is goofy and cuddly and energetic in all the best ways :)

It was Andrew's Grandma Candy's birthday back in March and we were supposed to celebrate back then but a snowstorm had come so it got rescheduled to this weekend. We all met up in Anoka for lunch to celebrate her (very) belated birthday.

I headed over to Art-A-Whirl to support my friend Katya who had a booth there! Also so my friend Jaci could tell us all about her engagement that happened that morning :) (And yes that is a fuzzy/large balloon our friend Muna got Jaci and Jaci was stuck carrying it around the rest of the night, lol)

Sunday I did lots of tedious things you try to get done on a weekend and once I felt decently accomplished, I did grab lunch with my girlfriends to catch up!

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