Meanest Facebook Scam Ever:

Here's a new scam to know about that's been making the rounds on Facebook. It might be one of the MEANEST scams ever . . .


If a friend DM's you and says someone you know just DIED, don't click the link.


It usually says something like, "Look who died in an accident. I think you know him. So sorry." Then it's followed by a few crying emojis and a link that might look legit, but it's not. (Here's a screenshot.)


It's a phishing scam to steal your info. For example, it might send you to a page that asks you to log into Facebook again. But you're actually giving that info to a scammer.


It's mean because it preys on our emotions. We're more likely to panic and click the link without thinking.


If you get a message like that on social media, let your friend know they've been hacked. But chances are, they already know . . . because ALL their friends got it. (Distractify

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