Cool or Scary? Your iPhone Will Be Able to

Why does it seem like the latest technology is always: 5% cool, 5% useful, and 90% terrifying?


Apple has a new mobile feature in the pipeline called "Personal Voice." It will allow your phone to replicate your voice . . . after only about 15 minutes of reading prompts and training. 


Which is cool . . . until you consider: What would you do with this?


Apple says it's meant to make their devices more inclusive for people with disabilities. For example, people with conditions like ALS where they lose their voice over time. This tool could help them by reading typed text aloud during calls, and saving commonly used phrases.


Great . . . the problem is, this will probably only end up being 1% of how it's actually used. Instead, we'll be dealing with: Fears of SCAMMERS getting their hands on this . . . TikTok'ers using it for pranks . . . and that smart aleck in the family, who will try to use this to bail on calls from family. 




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