Five Times You Definitely Don't Need to Leave a Tip

We heard the other day that even self-checkout kiosks are asking us to tip now. But there ARE still situations where tipping isn't necessary, or can even be seen as bad etiquette. 


According to experts, here are five times you don't need to leave a tip . . .


1. Don't tip service technicians, like plumbers and electricians. They usually make a good wage and aren't expecting a tip.


2. Don't tip flight attendants. It's considered bad form, and some airlines even have policies against it. Handing out drinks is one small part of their job. The rest of what they do is closer to being a first responder than a server. And you obviously wouldn't tip a firefighter or paramedic.


3. Don't tip if you're traveling in certain countries. It's not expected in Australia, New Zealand, and parts of Europe. In east Asia, it can even be seen as an insult.


4. Don't tip at restaurants when gratuity is included. If they automatically add 20%, you can tack on a little more if you want. But don't feel any pressure to.


5. Don't tip highly trained professionals, like nurses, lawyers, and accountants. If you want them to know you appreciate them, send a card or give them a positive review online.



(Best Life)

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