Top 5 Phrases Young People Use That the Rest of Us Don't Get

Sure, Gen Z doesn't understand a lot of phrases we use . . . but trust us, it goes both ways. See what we mean with today's list of the . . . Top 5 Phrases Young People Use That the Rest of Us Don't Get.


"Fam." It's short for "Family." Which raises the question:  What's Gen Z doing with that extra time they save not saying two syllables?


"Dank." It means something is excellent or very high quality. I'll use it in a sentence: Nothing you buy at Walmart is "dank."


"Salty." It means jealous. It describes how all the other guys at the 30th high school reunion feel when someone shows up with hair.


"Big yikes." It's what you say after you do something really embarrassing . . . like use the phrase "Big yikes." 


"Bougie." It means extravagantly fancy. Which is why nobody who listens to THIS show will ever use it.


"Living rent free." It describes something you obsess over. Coincidentally, it also describes what everyone who says it is doing in their parents' basement.


"Ghosting." It means to stop communicating with a romantic partner. It's a condition also known as "marriage."


"Simp." It's someone who pays way too much attention to another person.


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