Drake's Florida Vacation in Fiveish Pics

So much fun visiting some family in Florida!

It was my dad's birthday so we did a bunch of celebrating for that and ended up getting absolutely drunk day 1 lol

I was staying in Daytona Beach for half the trip and found out it was Jeep week and there was MILES of jeeps lined up it was insane. The south take their jeeps VERY seriously.

On Friday, we made our way to my Sisters in Tampa to stay for the weekend and we ended up going to a TON of restaurants & hit up a famous Casino 'Hard Rock Seminole' while there where ya boy won some money!

Tried these gator bites & nachos at this place called 'Whiskey Joes' in Port Richey and it was DELICIOUS

All in all, a VERY fun trip that I can't wait to share some crazy stories on tomorrows show!

here's a picture of me very hungover at the airport earlier lol

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