A Poll Found Having an Overbearing Mom Might Be a Deal-Breaker

It's a little close to Mother's Day to be RIPPING on moms. But these people don't care, apparently: A survey by Dating.com found overbearing moms have a real talent for SABOTAGING their kids' relationships.


Two-thirds of people say they've dated someone whose mom had a negative impact on their relationship. Over half of those people claim it was the main reason they stopped dating them.


Here are a few more quick stats on moms and dating . . .


1. 78% of single people say being "overly close" with your mom is a deal-breaker. It just depends on how you define "overly close."


2. 48% say a partner's mother has tried to pull strings and intervene in a relationship at least once.


3. 62% think that being a "mama's boy" suggests a guy is less likely to help with chores, like laundry and dishes.


4. The worst mama's boy traits are not being independent enough, and not being able to make decisions. 




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