Millennials Are the Best Employees . . . Because...

Millennials used to be seen as entitled hipsters who required constant praise. So your day will come, Gen Z. But it's not here yet . . .


A new survey by Resume Builder found Millennials are now seen as the BEST EMPLOYEES . . . and Gen Zers are the WORST. 


They polled 1,300 bosses. 74% said Gen Z is harder to work with than any other generation. 


Here's the most surprising stat: When asked WHY Gen Z workers aren't so great . . . the top answer was they're bad with TECH.  


39% of bosses said that the Gen Z workers they've hired have had a, quote, "lack of technological skills" in general. 


The top five complaints about Gen Z workers are: A lack of tech skills . . . lack of effort . . . lack of motivation . . . they're not as productive as other workers . . . and they're "easily distracted."


"Poor communication skills" and being "easily offended" just missed the top five. And that last one is also a common reason Gen Zers get CANNED, apparently.


Two-thirds of bosses said they've had to fire Gen Z workers more often than other employees. The top three reasons are a lack of motivation, not trying hard enough, and they're too thin-skinned. 


(Resume Builder)

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