Drake's Very Chill Weekend in Five Pics

Did a TON of streaming this weekend as I'm saving some $$$ for my trip this week!

Enjoy some clips from my streams this weekend!

I made a BOMB ass breakfast on Saturday. Husband me up.

I have this thing where viewers can have me sing something on stream and they wanted me to do Golden Hour by JVKE


I was playing this character that was going around scamming people for random things and I was making BANK doing it. I got this Police Chief to give me thousands of dollars (fake money lol) to support my buddies Toe Nail business

I have been going to TOWN on my candy this weekend, this is all that's left

gonna need to make another run because i'm ADDICTED to sugar again..

This last clip was from Friday when a guy told me he ran over his cat..

I was speechless.

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