A List of Things We No Longer Have Any Patience for Includes . . .

Cranky old men are right about one thing: Sometimes it's HEALTHY to realize you no longer have the energy to put up with something.


People on social media are talking about the things that they "no longer have any patience for" . . . and here are some of the best responses:


1. Family drama.


2. Working outside of work hours.


3. People who text and drive.


4. Waiting on people who are constantly late to plans.


5. People who litter.


6. People who constantly blame others for the situation they are in.


7. Anything that has "influencer" in it.


8. People being on their phone while in a conversation with you.


9. Slow Wi-Fi.


10. People who go out of their way to pick fights with people or be jerks . . . especially online.


11. People who attempt to force their beliefs and opinions on you.


12. Outrage culture. Though, people point out that "some of the memes that come from it are funny."


13. Adults who act like high school kids.


14. The airport.  


15. The full-on MEMOIR before every single online recipe.





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