People Are Calling Out Things That Were Actually "Good" Until

Do you know anyone who refuses to like anything once it becomes popular? Like those people in college who would say they liked every band's FIRST album . . . before they sold out.


There's a thread online where people are talking about everyday things that WERE good . . . but went downhill as soon as they became mainstream. Here are a few:


1. Garage sales, yard sales, and flea markets. Now that re-selling "vintage" things is hot, the prices for people's junk has sky-rocketed.


2. The Food Network. It used to be a good place to learn new recipes and techniques, but now it's filled with reality competition shows and over-the-top stuff. The same goes for a few other cable TV channels.


3. Las Vegas. It's become way more expensive . . . and less "classy."


4. Voice acting. It used to be professionals who did amazing work, but now, every animated movie and audiobook has celebrity actors as the voices.


5. It used to be filled with talented people's handmade items. Now, many accounts are just re-selling items bought at Walmart and Amazon.


6. Food trucks. Now that they're trendy, they're charging restaurant prices.


7. Music that goes viral on TikTok. It used to be TV commercials that "ruined" songs. Now, people hate music that's over-played on social media.


8. Facebook. One person said, "It literally went downhill the minute our parents started to use it." 


Regardless of whose fault it is, Facebook and Twitter have gone from fun amongst friends . . . to most people just posting "news" headlines and making snarky comments.


9. Youth sports. They used to be a fun way for kids to try something new, but now they're super serious . . . time-consuming . . . and "parent-driven."


10. Streaming services. They're becoming more and more like the cable companies that people originally chose them over.


(That goes for a lot of "new" tech, like ride-sharing apps. They're usually inexpensive at the beginning. Behind the scenes, they're subsidized by investors who just want to attract new customers and get us all hooked.)


(Eventually, they need to make money, and when that happens, the price starts hiking up . . . while the perks start fading away.)


(So in those cases it's less about it being popular, and more about "business." Or GREEDY business.)




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