Can't Miss Relationship Advice! When You Start Arguing...

I'm about to save your relationship. AND I'm going to picture your naughty parts while I do it. Again, for the sake of your relationship.  


Here's a piece of advice from Dr. John Gottman, a psychologist who specializes in marriage and relationships. When you and your significant other start fighting . . . you both need to pause for a second and immediately STRIP DOWN NAKED.


Here's why it's smart. When we get into arguments, our caveman brains go into fight-or-flight mode and we acting out of instinct. That's why we start yelling, saying terrible and hurtful things, and not listening or even thinking.


But when you get naked, you pull your brain out of that tailspin. Suddenly, the situation feels too weird for you to keep going down that instinctual, hurtful path.


So you can keep arguing naked . . . but you'll both me more "in the moment" and more likely to listen to each other, act rationally, and diffuse the tension. (Verily)


(Has anyone tried this yet? We heard about naked arguing as part of a Buzzfeed list a few weeks ago, so surely SOMEONE has tested it out.)

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