Did This "Parking Lot Karen" Overreact? Or Is She Right?

Was this a huge overreaction? Or is the world so scary now, you just HAVE to react like this?


People online have dubbed a TikTok mom "Parking Lot Karen" after she bragged about screaming at a guy for even THINKING about approaching her in public.


She was putting her kid in the car at a mall last week when she heard a guy say, "Excuse me, ma'am." So she spun around and yelled, "Do NOT approach me."


It was the middle of the day. She says he was 30 feet from her . . . immediately stopped . . . and walked in the other direction while she KEPT yelling.


She says he eventually yelled back, "What's your problem?" and dropped a few choice words. So she told him a man should NEVER approach a woman in a parking lot.


It's not clear if the guy was actually a threat, or if he was just asking for directions or something. She saw him walk up to other people after her, so she thinks he might have been asking for change. 


She posted a follow-up video and said he seemed 'sketchy', so she followed her instincts. She thinks it's how all women should react in situations like that to stay safe. (NY Post)



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