A Parenting Expert Says There's One Phrase Every Parent Should Use

Here's a trick to connect with your kid in five seconds . . .


A parenting expert who's big on social media says there's one phrase every parent should say to their kid, especially when they're young. It can make them trust you more, and even help with bad behavior.


She says to look at them and say this: "It can be really hard to be a kid, right?"


You don't need to memorize it word-for-word. Anything close to that is fine. The point is to show them you understand their point of view, and you're on their side. 


It also tells them life's complicated . . . even for kids . . . and that's normal. Quote, "You are connecting to a reality that very few adults actively name for [their kids]."


She says it helps them feel "seen." And when that happens, behavioral problems tend to improve. (Fox News


(Here's the video.)

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