A Groom's Cringey Wedding Vows Have Gone Viral

A video of a groom saying his wedding vows has racked up over 18 million views on TikTok. But NOT because he's tender and loving. He's so focused on bedroom activities that it's creepy, and definitely cringey. 


The wedding videographer posted the clip, and it starts out earlier in the day when he asks the groom if there's anything he wants to say. The guy answers, "I hope we have a lot of sex. A lot." Here are real things he said in his vows . . .


(Careful) "Only two things are required to keep me happy: Keep my belly full and my balls empty. While you're amazing at half of it, we really need to get you some cooking lessons."


Here's another: (Careful) "Nothing's better than the sound of gagging and headboard slamming." 


And whatever this is: "P.S. Since you're so good at making decisions like marrying me, you can choose whether tonight's going to end with being a Toaster Strudel or a Twinkie."  (???)


When he's done we find out the officiant is his embarrassed MOTHER . . . who tells everyone that he'll be grounded later. 


(Here's the video. The couple has been together for several years and have two kids.)

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