Jenny's Bachelorette Party Trip to Tulum in 8 Pictures!

One of my very best friend's Muna is getting married and she wanted to have her bachelorette party in Tulum so a crew of us headed there to celebrate! We found an amazing Airbnb. Lots of people have been asking for the link, here it is!

Our first full day there we rented a catamaran and had an amazing time! It was the highlight of the trip for me!

The next day we went to Taboo. An extremely wild beach club, lol.

I made friends with some girls in the bathroom and we combined forces with their group of friends at one point!

We went out to a couple different places that night to dance. I didn't get a ton of pictures while we were out but a place called Rosa Negra was such a vibe. Every 15 minutes they would light sparklers and everyone would get on the table and dance. I made an Instagram Reel you can see more of here!

Our last full day was a chill day that everyone was free to do whatever. Some people went to a cenote, some hung at the pool, some slept off their hangover. Overall Tulum was amazing and I'm so happy that we could celebrate my wonderful friend Muna!

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