Drake's Boarding Weekend in Five Pics ft. Margaritas

It was such a BEAUTIFUL weekend so I had to get out and board a bunch.

I had to go into work on Saturday for some shows!

I picked up a new bottle of wine for the first time in like a month & a half. I refused to drink wine for awhile after my 'accident' with wine a month & a half ago where it went EVERYWHERE. It was very traumatic, but we decided it was time and it was DELICIOUS.

Sunday was A LOT of boarding around. I realized Saturday night how burnt out I am with a lot of things including my streaming / video content I do every day so I'm taking a few days off and gonna do some thing I usually wouldn't do! Today I went to have lunch by myself at one of my faves, Tabernas. Had a margarita and met some really cool people at the bar!

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