New Term: "Password Child" . . . the Parents' True Favorite Kid?

Most parents won't just TELL you who their favorite child is. It COULD be the oldest, it COULD be the youngest . . . it probably isn't the middle child. But there's a sneaky new way to get it out of them.


Over the past few months, there's been a silly trend on TikTok, where kids are logging out of Netflix, and then asking their parents for the password.


If one of the kids' names is in the password, they're determined to be the "password child" . . . and the parents' secret FAVORITE.


There are some fun responses: One person said, "I'm an only child and I'm not even the password child." Another said, "My sister is the password child, but I'M the one who they come to when THEY forget the password."


Others said that they're the password child for one of their parents but not the other. And one person joked about their family being thrown into chaos when the password was: "TheAdopted1".


(New York Post

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