The Most In-Demand Job Skill Few of Us Have

Here's something that could help your career. Start working on being a better COLLABORATOR.


Plenty of people are good at what they do. But a professor at Harvard says being great at collaboration is the #1 skill companies want that very few of us have.


Collaborating at work means bringing people together to solve problems and learn something new. Employees who are good at it tend to produce better results and get promoted faster. Here are three ways you can get better at it . . .


1.  Ask for help. Just because you're tasked with a project doesn't mean you have to do it all on your own. Get other people's take on stuff, and make sure you credit them for it. And that leads right into this next one . . .


2.  Acknowledge people's efforts, and show appreciation. Let go of the "me-first" mentality and focus on the team. A lot of us fail to appreciate how much support we get from our co-workers.


3.  Be an inclusive leader. Someone who's younger, older, or from a different background might have a different way of solving things. So instead of dismissing an idea, have the mindset that maybe you can learn from them.



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