Online Oversharing: The Top Things We're Sick of Seeing Include

What's the top thing people OVERSHARE on social media? A new poll looked into it, and the top answer probably won't surprise you. But the rest are interesting. Here are the top ten things we overshare . . .


1. Political views. 53% of us think people overshare about politics.


2. Mundane daily life. Like photos of food, or anything else that's unremarkable.


3. Bodily functions.  (???) If you're posting about bathroom habits, please stop.


4. Kids. We just see SO many photos of them.


5. Religious beliefs. No one wants to be preached to on Instagram.


6. Accomplishments. That one's probably fueled by jealousy.


7. Your sex life. Putting it on blast just seems weird.


8. Wealth. So, anything about money that seems braggy.


9. Relationship stuff. Just don't constantly overshare about it.


10. A tie between pets and "fun experiences." So we're sick of seeing cats, dogs, and our friends on vacation.


Speaking of vacations, they're also the top "life moment" we're most LIKELY to share. In other words, when we go on vacation, we're definitely posting about it.


The top big life moments we're most likely to post about are: Vacations . . . graduations . . . a death . . . a new job . . . and a big move. 



(PC Mag)


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