Happy First Day of Spring! Here's How to Get Free Ice Cream

Happy first day of spring, everyone! Temps are set to rise for most of the U.S. this week. So it should start to FEEL more like spring for a lot of people.


A recent poll found spring is our favorite season, but it's close: 30% said spring . . . 29% said fall . . . 28% said summer . . . and just 10% like winter the best.


Where you live has a lot to do with it though. People up north are less likely to say spring is their favorite. The states that like it the most are South Carolina, Arizona, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.


Here's something for everyone though: The first day of spring means it's "Free Cone Day" at Dairy Queen. You can walk in and get a free small vanilla soft-serve today, no purchase necessary.


Ben & Jerry's is also doing a Free Cone Day for the first time in four years, but you'll have to wait a couple more weeks for that one. It's not until April 3rd.


(YouGov / YouGov / Chew Boom)

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