Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 3/17 - 3/19

Friday night got SUPER wild. I went to the SLP library and got a new murder mystery book and read some of it. Somebody better tame this party animal. But seriously, I had to be around at random times on Friday because of a gas inspection and a dog being dropped off to dog sit so by the time I had the ability to meet up and celebrate St Patty's day, Ubers were outrageously expensive and I'm heading to Tulum this week so I decided to save the money and stay in.

Bill is hanging out with us for the week. SHE (yes Bill is a she), is a goofball and so loveable. We went for a walk around Lake of the Isles on Saturday!

Saturday afternoon I went on a trip to Lowe's with Andrew. He's remodeling a unit at one of his investment properties and needed help with a huge countertop so I tagged along.

We barely squeezed this thing up the stairs to the unit but managed to make it work!

Sunday I ran a bunch of errands getting ready for the bachelorette party I'm going to Tulum for. I swung by DSW because I have a coupon and they ALWAYS get me with those coupons. I didn't end up buying anything because I'm still deciding what I'm packing, but these were my two favorite options. One's a chunky heel and the other's a wedge, so I'm prepared to go back and swoop one quick if I decide I need it.

Hope you had a great weekend! Excited for the week ahead :)

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