Gym Bros Are Eating Dog Food for Protein?

Every now and then you hear about someone eating dog food. Maybe it was an accident . . . maybe it's a stunt to sell something . . . or maybe it's a more serious survival thing.


But this is just dumb: There's apparently a trend of GYM BROS on social media eating dog food . . . just for the high levels of protein.


One of them is a "fitness influencer" named Henry Clarisey. He tried a bowl of "Kibbles 'n Bits Oven Roasted Beef, with Spring Vegetable and Apple Flavors."  (It's part of Kibbles 'n Bits' "Bistro" line, which . . . okay.)


He couldn't handle it, and spit some of it out. He told his followers, "it's not worth it." He later said, "It tasted extremely dry. I needed so much water after eating it. It tasted like little pieces of dirt."


Now that the idea is trending others are posting videos . . . but for now, it seems like more people are doing it for attention than as an ACTUAL source of protein. 



(Buzzfeed News


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