For the First Time in Three Decades, the U.S. Has a New Favorite Dog

There's EARTH-SHATTERING news in the dog world. For the first time in three decades, the Labrador Retriever is NOT America's #1 dog.


The American Kennel Club has released its list of the most popular dog breeds in the U.S. in 2022, based on registration statistics.


The French Bulldog is #1 for the first time, dethroning the Labrador Retriever, which had been #1 for 31 straight years. Before that, it was the Cocker Spaniel.  (And before that, it was Spuds MacKenzie.)  


Here's the Top 10:


1. French Bulldogs


2. Labrador Retrievers


3. Golden Retrievers


4. German Shepherd Dogs


5. Poodles


6. Bulldogs


7. Rottweilers


8. Beagles


9. Dachshunds


10. German Shorthaired Pointers


Dog popularity can fluctuate wildly over time. 25 years ago, French Bulldogs weren't in the Top 75. And Cocker Spaniels, which were #1 in 1990, are down at #29 now. And Collies, a.k.a. Lassie dogs, are #39.


The Kennel Club recognizes 199 breeds. The LEAST popular breed last year was English Foxhounds, and the runner-up was Norwegian Lundehunds.


(Hit up for the complete ranking.)

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