How Many Do You Know? 25 Abbreviations Young People Use Online

Here's a test to make you feel old . . . or young if you nail it. Someone posted a list of the most popular abbreviations people use online.


If you pay attention even a little, you probably know a lot of the MOST popular ones. Like, LOL means "laugh out loud," and FYI means "for your information"


But how many of these other ones do you know? We did our best to rank them, so they should get a little harder as we go . . .


1. DM: Direct message


2. JK: Just kidding


3. BRB: Be right back


4. TBH: To be honest


5. IRL: In real life


6. NSFW: Not safe for work


7. TTYL: Talk to you later


8. NBD: No big deal


9. IMO: In my opinion. Or, IMHO is "in my humble opinion."


10. FTW: For the win


11. SMH: Shaking my head.


12. IDK: I don't know


13. IDC: I don't care


14. MSG: Short for the word "message"


15. OMW: On my way


16. G2G: Got to go


17. TFW: That feeling when


18. MFW: My face when


19. ILY: I love you


20. IMU: I miss you  (Yes, a 'U' even though the word "you" starts with a 'Y'.)


21. ICYMI: In case you missed it


22. SRSLY: Short for the word "seriously"


23. TLDR: Too long, didn't read  (Technically, there's a semi-colon in that one: TL;DR.)


24. BAE: Before anyone else  (Bae is also just short for "baby" or "babe.")


25. SOML: Story of my life



(Fox News)

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