Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 3/10 - 3/12

We watched Grover and Harvey this weekend. Aren't they the cutest!

Did a whole lot of nothing Friday night except start the second part of You Season 4.

Saturday morning I attended a women's networking event called Her Social Chapter. It was a bunch of inspiring women that got together to connect and talk business. They had this amazing selfie station that I couldn't resist getting pics in front of! My jumpsuit is from Target btw! Just got it a couple of weeks ago so they still have it in store and I'm sure online as well!

I was asked to speak on the panel and I felt honored to be one of the panelist but literally any of the women in the room could have been up there because they are all crushing it in their careers!

My older sister Rachael is teaching my Dad how to use his iPhone. He got a smartphone for the first time a couple months ago and has absolutely no idea how to use it. I Facetimed with them Saturday night and in the middle of it, my naughty nephew crawled out of bed, pulled shaving cream out of the bathroom and smeared it everywhere. Since he was awake, I made my sister get him on Facetime so I could say Hi.

Hope you had a good weekend and the hour of sleep we lost isn't messing you up too bad!

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