13 Things We All Should've Learned in High School

Schools have a TALL order when it comes to preparing kids for adulthood . . . but there are some basic life skills that we SHOULD be able to fit in somewhere, so that kids have them by the time they leave home.


Here are some important ones, courtesy of a new list at Lifehacker.com:


1. How to split complicated bills at a restaurant.


2. That new cars are bad investments. Also: Basic car maintenance.


3. The true cost of home ownership and mortgages. Also: How insurance works.


4. How to calculate compound interest.


5. That happiness takes work.


6. The real definition of consent.


7. How to give a compliment. Also: The art of conversation.


8. How to understand the concept of opportunity cost.


9. That hydration is life. Also: Basic cooking skills.


10. The art of haggling and negotiation. Also: How to spot a scam.


11. How to build your credit.


12. How to deal with the police. Also: What to do in an emergency.


13. Good time management.


(Lifehacker.com has the whole list, along with a starting point on where to learn more about them now, if you haven't already.)

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