3 Airplane Bathroom Tips from a Flight Attendant

A former flight attendant says airplane bathrooms are even grosser than people think.


Here are her top three tips . . .


1.  Touch as few surfaces as possible. That starts with opening the door. If it's the accordion type that folds in, push it open with your foot. And if you have to touch the sink handles or toilet seat, use a paper towel or toilet paper as a barrier.


2.  Keep your shoes on. If you took them off to get comfortable, put them back on before you go to the bathroom. There might be water on the floor, or worse. A lot of guys aren't very good at aiming, especially when there's turbulence.


3.  Don't brush your teeth in an airplane bathroom. The water isn't filtered, and the tank it's in doesn't get cleaned enough. They just top it off between flights, and they're only required to flush and disinfect it every three months.


study found there's often E. coli and other bacteria in the water. So if you want to brush your teeth, wait to use an airport sink, or use bottled water to wet the bristles. And obviously never DRINK the water from an airplane sink.



(The Sun)

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