Five Ways to Wind Down for the Weekend

Happy Friday! Here are five ways to wind down after a long workweek . . .


1. Say goodbye to work. Log off from your email and work apps and turn off your computer. It's like a handshake to say goodbye to the workday.

2. Find a wind-down song. Kind of like the opposite of athletes using a pump-up song to walk onto the court. Find a song that helps clear your head or brings you out of your work mindset, and play it in the car on your drive home, or at home after you log off.


3. Change your clothes. As soon as you walk in the door, put on clothes you feel relaxed in. Even if you work-from-home in yoga pants, changing out of your "work clothes" can signal your mind that you've wrapped up for the day.


4. Curb the work talk. When you're done working, don't talk about work.


5. Plan something fun. Having a plan in place for when you finish work can help get you into weekend mode.



(Huff Post)

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