Putting a Paper Towel in Your Veggie Drawer Keeps Them Fresh

Here's a cheap and easy hack to avoid wasting food. If you've never tried it, it works. And it only takes a minute . . . To keep your produce fresh in the fridge, try putting a PAPER TOWEL in your veggie drawer.


Most fruits and vegetables release moisture over time, and that extra water makes them spoil even faster. But a dry paper towel sucks it up and keeps everything fresh a lot longer.


Just put one or two paper towels in the bottom of the drawer, and replace them each time you buy new stuff. Lining the sides of the drawer works too.


You can also put a paper towel directly in containers. For example, try it the next time you open a big bag of lettuce or spinach.


There's a good chance you'll be able to use it all instead of tossing it when the stuff at the bottom gets slimy.


(Reader's Digest)

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