Doing This 1 Thing Each Day Makes Us Happier

Here's an easy way to give yourself a boost: A study found there's one thing you can do each day to make yourself happier. Have at least one solid conversation with someone.


Researchers found it helps with stress and anxiety, and makes us feel more connected. They identified seven different types of communication that qualify as a solid conversation. So any of these seven things should work . . .


Joking around . . . catching up . . . having a deep, meaningful talk . . . showing care . . . valuing the other person's opinion . . . offering sincere compliments . . . and even just listening.


Any of those types of conversations at least once a day makes us happier. But you definitely don't have to limit yourself to just one. People in the study who had multiple quality conversations a day saw an even bigger boost.


(NY Post)

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