Five Last, Last, Last Minute Valentine's Dates

Still need plans for a Valentine's date tonight, huh? Hey, first off, congrats on being THAT much of a procrastinator. Your significant other is one lucky lady or fella. And two . . . I'm about to save your life.


Here are five last, last, last minute Valentine's dates you can still pull off with one trip to a store on the way home or less . . .


1. Romantic walk through a park, then going out for dessert.


2. Getting matching tattoos together.


3. Ironic fast food date where you both dress up fancy and bring a tablecloth and silverware into the restaurant.


4. Buy a sushi-making kit and ingredients for a sushi prep date.


5. Turn your place into a "spa" with candles and the right music, then give them an hour massage. They will no longer care you didn't take them to a fancy restaurant.


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