The Best Valentine's Day Dates in Each State

Planning the perfect date for Valentine's Day is hard enough . . . and this year it's a TUESDAY. So if you're struggling to come up with a plan, here are some last-minute ideas from across the country.


Google Trends put out a rundown of "uniquely popular date activities" in every state, over the past month. Technically, these searches weren't necessarily FOR Valentine's Day, just activities to go out and do.  


Not surprisingly, going to the movies is a popular option. It's #1 in places like Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Colorado, and Minnesota. And some states . . . like Texas and Georgia . . . are specifically searching for DRIVE-IN theaters.


Miniature golf is #1 in California, Kansas, and Washington state.


Bowling is #1 in Pennsylvania and Louisiana. Arcades are a go-to activity in Arkansas and West Virginia.


Escape rooms are big in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Nebraska, and South Carolina . . . and "rage rooms" are #1 in Idaho. Speaking of rage, in Michigan and Connecticut, AXE-THROWING is a big date thing.


Go Karts are #1 in Nevada. A visit to the museum is popular in Kentucky, Mississippi, and Virginia. Hitting up a bookstore is big in Oklahoma. Going to a spa is #1 in Tennessee. And in Utah, couples go to the aquarium.


Artistic activities like "paint-and-sip" sessions and cooking classes are popular in Oregon, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Illinois.


And in Arizona, the most uniquely searched date activity is . . . strolling through "Japanese friendship gardens."


(Google Trends has a map with a quick view of every state.)

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