New Term: Boyfriend Air

Here's something special guys can do for Valentine's Day: Go buy yourself air freshener.  (???)


TikTok is obsessed with a new term right now called "boyfriend air." But it's not just about smelling bad.


Women are claiming the air in their boyfriends' apartments is so gross, it can mess with their hair, and even their make-up.


One woman who stayed with her boyfriend recently said she'd shower at night, but feel gross the next morning anyway. Her hair was greasy, and her make-up would easily rub off.  (Here's the video.)


A bunch of other women claim it's a real thing too.  Videos about it have now racked up over 20 million views.


So is it actually possible for the air in a guy's apartment to be THAT gross? We haven't seen a definitive answer yet, but here's another theory: Some people don't think the air is causing the issues at all. It's just that guys don't wash their SHEETS enough. 



(NY Post)

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