The 10 Most Common "Everyday Dramas" We All Endure

 Everyone loves to say that America is "divided" these days . . . but in reality, we're all dealing with the same everyday annoyances.


There's a new "study" out, which produced a list of the most common "everyday dramas" that we all endure. Most of them are minor, but you KNOW how they can derail a decent chunk of the day. Here's the Top 10:


1. Being stuck in traffic.


2. Spilling something on your clothing . . . food, drinks, make-up, or toothpaste.


3. Dropping and smashing something fragile accidentally.


4. Waking up late.


5. Spilling something on the carpet.


6. Burning food while cooking.


7. A pan of boiling water bubbling over.


8. Tripping and stumbling or falling over in public.


9. Struggling to find a parking space.


10. Being late for work.



Some of the others on the list include: Missing your train or bus . . . sending a message to the wrong person . . . forgetting someone's birthday . . . dealing with a mess created by a kid or pet . . . and being pooed on by a bird.  (Although, if that's happening EVERY DAY, you might have a bird problem.)




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