Taco Bell's New Menu Item Has a Swear Word in It

Taco Bell could have called this the "Big GAS Mexican Pizza," because that's what you'd end up with if you ate the whole thing . . .


Taco Bell is selling an oversized Mexican Pizza on Super Bowl Sunday. And the name they came up with includes a SWEAR WORD. It RHYMES with "Big GAS Mexican Pizza."


It's the size of an actual pizza, and it's meant to be shared.  (Here's a photo.)


There's good news and bad news though: The bad news is YOU will NOT be able to order it, at least not this Sunday. 


They're only delivering them to a handful of people in Glendale, Arizona, where the Super Bowl is. All the people were chosen through Taco Bell's app last month.


It's not clear if they plan to add it to their nationwide menu at any point. But for now, it's just a promotional thing.


The good news is they're giving out free regular Mexican Pizzas all weekend if you order delivery through their app and spend $20. 



(Chew Boom)

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