Katy Perry Says She Made 'Huge Mistake' Not Working With Billie Eilish

Photo: Getty Images

For Katy Perry, Billie Eilish is "The One That Got Away."

102.7 KIIS FM shared a TikTok of the "California Gurls" singer at a private event in Los Angeles opening up about the first time she heard one of Billie's biggest hits to date, "Ocean Eyes."

"She sent me an email one time that was, 'Hey, check out this new artist. I'd really like us to work with her' — because she was working with me for Unsub (Records). It was a song called 'Ocean Eyes' and it was just a blonde girl and I was like, 'Meh. Boring,'" Perry said. "Big mistake. Huge mistake."

Fans in the comments had a mixed bag of emotions about Katy's revelation.

"I'm glad that collab didn't happen because it allowed Billie to build her own (identity) and sound as an artist," one user said.

"Katy has always supported Billie. The two of them get along very well 🥰," said another.

"You should collab now 🥰," another user said.

Despite this being one of Katy's biggest regrets in life, the two remain good friends! In Eilish's documentary, Billie Eilish: The World's A Little Blurry, there's a scene in which she's introduced to Katy's husband, Orlando Bloom, according to Page Six.

"My fiancé who doesn’t listen to modern music, he'll only play you in the car all the time," Perry tells Eilish, who has yet to recognize him upon first meeting him. It wasn't until her brother Finneas pointed out the Pirates of the Caribbean star that Eilish wanted to re-do the whole meeting. "That guy?! That was him?!” she said. “No way! Bring him back. I want to meet him again. He kissed me on the cheek. I did not know that was him. I thought that was just some dude Katy Perry met," she said.

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