Have You Heard This Trick for Opening Difficult Jar Lids?

Some guys are BRILLIANT in the kitchen. Others are NOT welcome . . . unless their brute force is needed to open a stubborn jar lid. And now, those men are even more unnecessary.


There's a video going viral online, where a guy shares his trick for opening a difficult lid. You just take a spoon . . . stick it underneath the lid along one of the grooves . . . and gently pry the lid away from the glass.


The suction will release, and you can easily twist the lid off.


Now, this is NOT a new trick . . . there are previous examples of it online and some commenters say they've been opening stubborn jars like this for decades. Still, it's new to some people.


But be CAREFUL when doing this, because if the glass breaks or shatters you'll have a huge mess . . . and you could cut yourself. Also: This is only for jars that are stuck because of the pressure when they were sealed. Sometimes a jar is stuck for a different reason, like having something dried in the threads.


(Fox News)



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