Drake's Not So Busy Weekend in Five Pics

I told everyone on the show Friday that I was gonna actually gonna be going out and getting lit. I ended up doing a BUNCH of streaming on my Twitch this weekend and raised a bunch of money to upgrade my PC so that took up a majority of my weekend. Here's me taking my PC apart

I did end up going to Target a total of 7 times this weekend because I would go, get what I needed then get back to my place before realizing I forgot something. It was truly a mess lol It was beautiful walks in Downtown tho

I went to work in sweatpants and slippers and was super nervous someone was going to see me. Nobody did thankfully lol

Found out today that I lost hot water in my apartment so I have no idea how I'll be showering or anything so that's greatttttttttttttttttttttttttt

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