10 "Boomer Opinions" That Other Generations Actually Agree With

The holidays are over, and while there were surely some generational disagreements while everyone was gathered together, there are some HOT TAKES that DID find common ground.


There's a thread online where people are talking about the cranky "Boomer opinions" they actually agree with. And it isn't just a Millennial vs. Boomer thing, it was people of all ages who were validating Boomer takes. 


Here are 10 highlights:


1. "People share way WAY too much on social media." 


2. "Screw touchscreens. I want physical buttons . . . especially in the car."


3. "I hate going to concerts and seeing everyone with their phones up."


4. "I will never own an e-reader. Nothing compares to a real paper book."


5. "I want to read articles online without entering an email, creating an account, and giving out my phone number."


6. "I just want to speak to a real person on the phone when I have to call a business . . . automated customer service lines are the worst."


7. "Paper menus are far superior to QR codes."


8. "I don't need a 'smart' refrigerator or toaster."


9. "Using apps for everything is annoying. Like going to Disney World, and not being able to do anything (including eat) unless you use the app."


Or "paying good money for a product that doesn't do the thing it says on the box until you install their app."  


10. And this is a classic old-person meme, but it's TRUE, right? "I really don't want people I don't know on my lawn."





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