11 Fads from 2013 and How We Feel About Them Today

Are you still a fan of any fads that were big TEN YEARS ago? BuzzFeed polled its readers. Here are 11 things that were trending in 2013, and how we feel about them in 2023 . . .


1.  Honey Boo Boo. 49% aren't fans anymore, or never were . . . 42% don't care . . . and 9% still love her. That show ran for four seasons from 2012 to 2014. Her real name is Alana Thompson, and she'll be 18 this August.


2.  The song "What Does the Fox Say?" It was the top-trending YouTube video that year . . . 22% say they still love it.


3.  The "Cronut". It debuted at a bakery in New York ten years ago. 39% say they still love cronuts. Only 11% hate them.


4.  Goats screaming like humans. 41% said they still love those videos.


5.  Vine. It debuted in 2013 and shut down in 2017. 50% wish it was back.


6.  Adult onesies. That's the year they really became a thing. 33% still love them . . . 46% think they're dumb . . . and 21% don't care.


7.  Walter White hats. The "Breaking Bad" finale aired in 2013. Only 10% of us wish the black hat he wore would come back in fashion.


8.  Froyo. A lot of people abandoned ice cream in 2013 and went for frozen yogurt instead. 70% of us still love it.


9.  Twerking. 55% think it's LAME now, and another 26% don't have an opinion. Only 19% think it's still cool in 2023.


10.  Kale. It became a viral "superfood" ten years ago. Before that, Pizza Hut was supposedly the biggest buyer and decorated their salad bars with it. 34% of us still like kale . . . 35% hate it . . . and everyone else is indifferent.


11.  The word "swag". It's been around a lot longer than ten years, but it got trendy in 2013. Only 16% said they still like that term. 






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