Jenny's Holiday Break in 10 Pics!

We started off the holiday break with Christmas celebrations with Andrew's family!

Andrew and I opened presents Christmas morning. I got him Crocs (as seen in picture) and a Cribbage board. He got me this huge map of the world that we can pin places that we've traveled to and places we want to travel to!

We left on the 26th to head to Steamboat Springs for a snowboarding trip. We were one of the many that experienced flight delays and then when we finally boarded (3 hours late), a couple was so drunk that they wouldn't let them fly with us so we had to wait for someone to come and escort them off the plane. Andrew and I walked on right behind them and I knew there was no way we were leaving with them on board. The guy fell into a seated passenger walking through the aisle, the girl smacked someone in the face with her purse. It would have been a little funny/amusing but we were already 3 hours late so it was VERY annoying to get delayed even more because of them.

Alas, after 12 hours, we made it to Steamboat. We stayed at our friend's timeshare at The Steamboat Grand and it was super nice!

We were there for 5 days and snowboarded for 4 of them. We got so much snow throughout the trip it was insane. We got stuck multiple times in the deep snow and had to dig ourselves out. Here was one of those times.

It was snowy most of the days so there was little visibility except the first and there's just nothing like taking in the view on top of a mountain in Colorado!

One day it didn't stop snowing the entire day. My legs were so beat by the end of this day.

We headed into downtown Steamboat one night and checked out some shops before grabbing dinner. If you ever go, definitely swing into Ohana and Haus of Cucu. And eat at Salt and Lime!

We flew in and out of Denver so we had a 3.5 hour drive to the airport and were scared of the bad weather that was coming the day we left so we left an extra 3 hours early. We got to Denver about 2 hours early so we swung by Red Rocks to check it out. Also, Andrew wanted to get matching sweatshirts, so we did, haha.

We were supposed to fly home on NYE and I did but Andrew ended up flying back to Steamboat to snowboard more cause our friends had the place for another week. Soooo, I spent NYE on my couch alone, eating the rest of my Quizno's sub I had gotten at the airport earlier that day and was in bed before midnight. Younger Jenny would have been disappointed in herself, but current Jenny needed to chill after an exhausting snowboarding trip.

Hope you were able to enjoy some time off to rest and rejuvenate for the New Year. Excited to be live with everyone tomorrow morning!

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