Jenny's 3 Day Weekend Back Home in Five Pics

Andrew and I went back to my hometown, Fond du Lac, WI this weekend to celebrate Christmas with my family! Friday night we went to a roller rink that was doing a special Santa event. I think this was my niece's first time roller skating and she did pretty good!

There was a light snowfall pretty much the entire weekend and it was so beautiful!

We helped decorate cut-out cookies for my mom with my niece and nephew. My nephew mostly ate sprinkles but my niece did a good job! Also, according to an Instagram poll I took, most of you call these "sugar cookies", but they'll forever be called "cut-outs" to me.

Sunday we did brunch with my dad and then opened up some presents.

It was also my little sister's birthday Sunday so then we did a cake and more presents at my mom's! My mom always takes a picture of us in front of the tree on Christmas day. Unfortunately my brother-in-law had to work this weekend so we are missing him in this one.

Back to work for a few days until we're off for the holiday break! Excited to finish off the year with the show this week :)

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