The 3 Steps to Give Someone a Compliment They'll Actually Appreciate

They SAY everyone loves getting a compliment . . . but do we REALLY love super generic, low-effort compliments like, "You look nice today" or "I like your shoes"?


Here are the three steps you should follow to give someone a compliment they'll actually appreciate . . .


1. Use their name. This seems basic . . . but when you use someone's name in a compliment, it sends a signal you're tailoring the compliment to them and not just blurting something out.


2. Make your compliment specific. Like, instead of saying, "You look nice today" . . . say, "That color is great on you, you should wear it more often."


3. Don't "praise and run." When you give a compliment, stick around and ask a follow-up question . . . then listen to the answer. That shows the person you're sincere in what you said and might even want to learn from them.


(TEDx Talks)

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